A version of the logs saver that prevents double-saves and more bugged logs

A member of my guild (creator of the loot squid add-on) modified the logs saver addon in wildstar. It appears to have fixed the double save issue; however saving logs now requires 2 button presses. You can find the modified version of the logs addon here (you have the permission of the creator to use this if you want):

Additionally here are some bugged (double saved) logs:

And bugged log another in a separate post because “new users can only put up to 2 links in a post”.


A couple more parses I found that have trash mobs in them:

Ok will take a look at the add-on. What functions did he end up patching.

He says that he moved the mouse-over function on the save button to a different button itself. After you press the button containing your old mouse over function (which he labeled the “pre-save” button), the button is then replaced with the normal save button. The only other change he made was saves now only do 50k events instead of 100k.

Also I found a strangely bugged log (see large negative numbers when you click on the dps):

Another bugged log: