WoWlogs still show me as in a clan I am not in

My characters still show as being in a guild I am no longer in. I have manually tried to leave the guild and also manually updated my profile on Wowlogs. I happen to be a platinum patreon supporter and do not wish for my previous guild to reap the benefits of my support for your website if I no longer am a member of said guild. How do I fix this issue?

What guild and server?

Dun Phalin US- Area 52 is the guild I am no longer in.

That guild doesn’t exist on Warcraft Logs as far as I can see?

Hmmm the clan isn’t noted uinder the clans I am in, when I goto My individual character pages on WoWlogs it shows me as being in their guild. Screenshot so you can see what is confusing me: For each of my characters says I am still in their guild. But on my profile i am not listed as in their guild.