Wow logs api rankings pagination

hello, guys.
first things first - im very sorry for my englando.

atm im building my guild’s website and making similar thing like wowhead’s best talents and trinkets for every raid boss.
works perfect…BUT too slow.

what my function does: for each spec in game im parsing rankings for first 1k matches
this is url pattern:

wowlog’s docs says there is some limit option.

for the ‘page’ param docs says:
‘The page to examine, starting from 1. If the value is omitted, then 1 is assumed. For example, with a page of 2 and a limit of 300, you will be fetching rankings 301-600.’ © docs.

but ffs i can’t find this limit. can’t build an url with this limit. params like ‘total’, ‘count’, ‘limit’, etc useless.
and i can only get 100 parses per page and this is rly annoying because function works 1h+.
ofc it runs on background without blocking main thread and i want to run only once per day, so 1h doesn’t sounds this much…but i hate it. i need to make 10 requests for each spec to get 1k parses.
i hate to make unoptimized soft. i want to get first 1k parses in 1 request.

please, if u know how to limit this goddamn thing, help me.
and again, sorry for my english.