A bug in CHINESE Server:Molten Giant is incorrectly compiled to Lava Annihilator

Molten Giant is incorrectly compiled to Lava Annihilator in all logs of Chinese server.
This bug is has been around since before.But since the rule of “4 Molten Giant death must be seen before Luciforn is engaged”,all new Chinese logs cannot participate in the ranking.
When I Upload the log in the client,I can see the Molten Giant in the log correctly.But when the log upload to the WCL Web,Molten Giant becomes Lava Annihilator!!!
Here is our fastes log:https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ynXpdqgT8FzrBaA1

Can you help me?Thank you!

You’re not reading the log correctly. Trash fights just pick the mob with highest health to be the name for the whole fight. There are obviously multiple mobs involved in each trash pull.

The log you linked was started too late, and it does not have 4 Molten Giant deaths in it.

I’ve tried to pick the Molten Giant log to upload,when it uploaded to the WCL,it becomes Lava Annihilator:

These screenshots of the logs can prove that the logs have recorded Monlten Giant correctly.Would you please let me send the log file to you?

I’m very sure that my log was started as song as I go in to the raid,before we start the raid.Becuse we use the UI EXRT to auto start the log,and I am not the only one guy to record the log.
The best way to prove my point is to look at the any other logs of Chiness Sever.Let me give you a couple of random examples which were correct showed in ranking,before 15,jan:

These logs are all not have 4 Mloten deaths in it,but were correct showed in ranking.
And here is our raid video:

Those logs do have Molten Giant deaths. Here’s how to look at Molten Giant deaths:

https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/n1hQ7qLNj3fzMYJR#boss=0&type=summary&difficulty=0&pins=2%24Off%24%23244F4B%24expression%24type%20%3D%20"death"%20and%20target.id%20%3D%2011658 &hostility=1&view=events

Thank you.I also used your method to find the Molten Giant death in my log.So why my log can not appears in kill speed ranking.Is it a bug?

It might be other trash that is missing. You can use the same technique to look for the other deaths. The full requirements are:

30 Core Hounds
10 Ancient Core Hounds
5 Molten Giants
3 Molten Destroyers
13 Annihilators/Firelord
4 Firewalkers
4 Flameguards
6 Lava Elementals
1 Lava Reaver
And 10 Fire Imps

Thank you very much.I have checked all requirements.With the exception of Core Hounds, any other trash meets the requirements.But other Guild raid logs in ranking are also not have Core Hounds death.So where is the problem.
I re-uploaded the log:

You only killed 2 Molten Destroyers. If that’s really possible (to only kill 2), I can lower the requirements for that enemy.

I see why!We have two Molten Destroyers entering the battle with Garr this week, they are not shown in the records of trash, but in the records of BOSS Garr!So when you check the requirements of trash,there are only tow Molten Destroyers.
The log is here:

Oh, wow, that’s an excellent observation. I’m not checking the boss fights when looking at trash counts. I’ll make that fix.