WoW Classic: Immature Venom Sac Use Not Logged?


I don’t see any logged event in the UI that would indicate successful use of an Immature Venom Sac to dispel Poison Bolt in the Visc fight in AQ40. I see “cure poison” cast event logged when I use an elixir of poison removal, but nothing when the venom sacs are used. I also see a dispel event logged for the elixir, but not the sac.

For example, in the following log I used 10 venom sacs before using 7 of my elixirs. Only thing I see are dispels for the elixirs:

Same thing for casts:

I checked WoWCombatLog.txt and the only time “Immature Venom Sac” or even “Imma” appears is when someone tries to use an Immature Venom Sac when there is none left or it is on GCD.

EXAMPLE: 10/27 00:02:18.367 SPELL_CAST_FAILED,Player-4727-015C9031,“Stabymcstaby-Windseeker”,0x511,0x0,0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0x80000000,16537,“Immature Venom Sac”,0x8,“Item is not ready yet”

Is there anything in the WoWCombatLog.txt that is being missed regarding dispels in this fight caused by the venom sacs?

I think this is the closest I can find in the log for such an event:

10/27 00:18:32.500 SPELL_AURA_REMOVED,Creature-0-4389-531-21385-15299-000017889D,“Viscidus”,0x10a48,0x0,Player-4727-01B2FF82,“Convertmaker-Windseeker”,0x514,0x0,25991,“Poison Bolt Volley”,0x8,DEBUFF

Just before then, the poison bolt ticks, then this log entry happens with no cast on that player.

I am assuming you can’t tell if this record means it was removed, it expired, or the player died?

Got the following response.