Why make an electron based app without linux compatibility?

Hi, big question, why making a heavy 100mb text file uploader based on electron without a linux installer ?

How was it decided to use an embedded web browser based on chromium that is 100% compatible with linux to not release a linux version and specifically use a version of NSIS that is not compatible with wine so linux user cannot upload any logs, because it was not bearable for your web server to accept uploads of 40mb text file from the web browser ?

I am puzzled by theses choices as I don’t see real technical reasons that would require installing anything client side but a web browser, especially since your heavy client is web browser based.

I’d be happy to support Linux. It’s just a matter of time/bandwidth to do so, since it’s a project to get an app created, certified, working with continuous integration, building correctly, etc. This site is run by a single person, and frankly with the addition of Classic, which more than doubled my user base to over 500,000 users per day, I don’t really have the time to commit to this project right now. Maybe when things die down.

As for “just upload a text file”, no, that’s not feasible. A typical combat log is more like 400mb, not 40mb, and the site traffic right now is (as mentioned above) in the hundreds of thousands of users per day. Bandwidth costs would be in the tens of thousands of dollars if I just allowed uploads of the original log file.

Even then, the Electron uploader is necessary for live logging, as there are no browser APIs that allow for random access to a file or streaming of a file. Similarly, the ability to split, delete and archive the log file is also not something you can do in-browser.

Thanks for your good reaction time.

I based combat log file size on my last Zul’Gurub, without advanced logging enabled as I did not need replay for this fight.

Making the heavy client available as zip in addition to the installer would solve the NSIS installer version problem for linux user and you won’t be forced to offer official support.

If bandwidth is a problem for you, consider throttling per session and/or IP server side and limit the number of concurrent sessions, throttling client side can be taken down with ease.

Splitting, deleting or archiving the log is not something i expect someone else than myself to do as a software able to make unintended modifications to a directory that contain binaries is considered a security risk, it doesn’t seem the source code is available for review without trickery and debugging of the distributed binaries.
Live logging to warcraftlogs is not a feature everyone require.

A Linux version is now available with v5.0.0 of the Electron uploader.

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