What do the numbers in brackets () mean - Avg Cast ()

Say something like this is reported in the log -

Name Amount Casts Avg Cast Hits Avg Hit Crit % Uptime % DPS
[ ![]( [Fireball ] 92.1k 45 2.0k (2.4) 42 (4) 2.2k (27.0) 16.7% 35.18% 596.8

Avg Cast: 2.0k(2.4)
Hits 42(4)
Avg Hit 2.2k(27.0)

What in the tarnation do those numbers in brackets signify for each of the listed fields?
I am unable to find a reference for them in google search or looking through the help page and its bugging me that i’m not able to figure it out :frowning:

Warcraftlogs Classic

They represent tick info for DoTs/HoTs.

Thanks for the prompt update Kihra.

So would it mean, in the above example:

Avg Cast 2.0k (2.4) : Fire ball avg cast is 2.0k, Fire ball dot avg cast is 2.7?
Edit: misread the ‘k’

Hits 42(4) - Assume this means that 4 fireball dot ticks were recorded

Avg Hit 2.2k (27) - I assume 27 here refers to the actual dot tick number without extrapolation