WCL not updating my personallogs

Hey guys, Im sorry to post one more time about that issue but my problem should be slightly different I think.
First of all, yes I got advanced combatlogs activated and I almost always log for my guild and for myself without any problems.

I uploaded the following log this night

and it wont update in my personallogs

However there is not even one Helya HC kill shown although i killed here twice and both times the kills got uploaded (first time like 2 weeks ago logged from a guildmate who has no problems with other logs either) .

First Helya HC kill uploaded by a guildmate

Had the same issue with a Il’gynoth and Xavius HC kill like 1 1/2 month ago that got uploaded by the same guildmate mentioned before not updating my personallogs.

upload of Il’gynoth + Xavius (Il’gynoth ~97%,Xavius ~95% at that time if i remember correctly)

again not in my personallogs

Thank you very much in advance for your answer