WCL Battle.net Link

When trying to link battle.net account to WCL the page errors out with ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. I have “Delete Battle.net Info” and deauthorized Warcraft Logs serveral times from battle.net. I have removed cookies and tried from another computer. Any help would be appreciated.

У меня такая же проблема и не могу её решить

This usually means you have linked the account before to an older WCL account. Log out of the site completely and try logging in using battle.net instead of your user name and password. You should end up in the old account and can then unlink it or change the email etc.

Я сделал то что вы мне посоветовали у меня зашло на ту же учетную запись WCL. Но привязать персонажей немогу.