Warcraft Logs not updating character? Plz help

Hi Guys, kind of a stupid question, but my character logs page for OldMusky - Monk Malganis wont ever update any of the content i do, regardless of me being on any logs for any fight (changed name 3.5 weeks ago) for example this is my personal log that is public that i just did today
and my name is there
but on my character page is still blank and doesn’t record anything that i do.
I believe it has something to do with my name change. but i also dont know what to do. and everyonee tells me i cant get into groups cuz i dont have logs which makes me sad.
Please help me!

I fixed the case issue with your character.

Hi Kihra! Thanks for looking into this, so my logs still arent updating, as another log from tonight didnt add to my character selection screen as seen here, sorry for pestering you again. just wanted to get this out there


and heres the most receeent logs that havent been connected :frowning:

thanks again!