Warcraft Log RED, why?

Log for the boss Teron Gorefiend is marked as RED. Not sure why. Help plzzz


Hi, your log has Battle Squawk, which is banned.


Thank you for the response. Why do we ban Battle Squawk? Isn’t it legit Engineering item? If we ban Engineering item, should we also ban all other profession items such as Drums of Battle from leather works?

I also noticed that the Battle Squawk didn’t trigger until about 50 seconds after battle started. Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

That’s very legit Battle Squawk. I don’t think it’s fair to flag this log as RED.

Not rehashing this on forums. This was announced way in advance, was polled on the Web site, with a huge majority voting for it to be banned, there was a giant red banner on the front page warning that this was coming, etc.