Vengeance damage not being recorded

Neither fflogs nor ACT appear to be recording damage dealt via the WAR defensive Vengeance (50 potency counter attack upon physical damage taken).

The damage IS being recorded in the logs:
but it does not show up under the damage dealt by the WAR, nor under the damage taken by the mob.

In ACT in the couple simple test that I did, the damage was instead attributed to the mob itself - as damage dealt (by the mob):

In the fflogs that I’ve looked at for current fights, the damage is similarly missing (and there I can’t find it attributed to any enemy either).
Except for in two A10s (Lamebrix) parses:
And even here, the 3-4 hits are only a handful of those that should be there.

If you can make a raw log file available I can take a look. The code for “reflect” seems to change occasionally with patches, so that may be all that happened.
This is the very short log from last night; it only has the tarantula hawk parse (that I took SS’s of) and some random other text.!IRoTQIbB!uMAX5FExmPSRkDIHgI1uuRXpJMLNyZHYjvFQ8P-q0hg
This is a much longer log, with this week’s 9-12 clears. Each of them should have some vengeance damage (particularly a9s with all the adds) and it also includes an a10 clear where the first few hits are actually properly picked up.

I’m encountering the same issue; it seems like both Vengeance and Radiant Shield damage are not being recorded. Did a quick test on a couple enemies with both. In both cases, FFLogs shows the enemy’s HP decreasing while no attacks are being done, but no damage is being registered. In ACT, the damage is listed as an Unknown attack done by the enemy instead, though I’m not sure if that would have any impact on the data on this site.

Radiant Shield
Raw Log