Feature Request: Unmitigated Damage Amounts

It is sometimes useful to me to know what the unmitigated/base damage amount of an enemy ability is prior to putting on buffs, enemy debuffs, shields, etc. Perfect example: in A8S I wanted to know how much damage Crashing Wave does without mitigation so we can properly plan out how many players need to be stacked up to split the damage and what healing cooldowns were needed to make it survivable. It doesn’t even need to take into account abilities whose damage can be split between players. As long as I can see the unmitigated amount per person, I can do that math myself (e.g. "oh it’s 30k unmitigated on this BRD and it hit 5 people so 5*30k) pretty easy math).

As far as I know, FFLogs has access to all the necessary information to calculate this, except for properly distinguishing darkness damage abilities which are not mitigated by some abilities such as Virus, but I know you’re currently looking into that issue. This would be a very useful feature to have for progression content.