Unable to upload after latest update

Tried uploading all of my raid groups clears tonight, but since I updated, I have been getting a different set of error codes each time: 4737 for A9s ,19980 for A10s. Though A11s uploaded fine. Picture is an extra error window that popped up once while trying to upload A9

If you have anti-virus software running, make sure it didn’t flag the new uploader incorrectly.

This can also occur if your system clock is set to a date in the future.

It’s allowed by my firewall, and it’s not coming up on my antivirus, and my system clock has never changed. Plus the fact that A11s was able to be uploaded means it is working somewhat. Just A9/10s won’t upload which confuses me.

same problem here only records the last thing on the list :frowning:

Even then A11 wasn’t the last thing on my list, as we did do a little bit of A12 before I tried uploading A11. Was trying to upload A9/10 after the clears