Total DMG and speedrun timers in classic where are they?

I think classic warcraftlogs should have a total dmg where it includes all bosses and trash.
I know its not a thing in retail to track it like that but if you want an accurate picture of performance the trash dmg is very important in classic. As of now we need to take both boss and trash dmg and add them it would be so much easier to have a total dmg.
Also, I suggest a tracking for the time of a full raid, i.e. from the pull to death of last boss. This is important to track speedruns of guilds.


I agree, having the merged information of “encounters” and “trash” would be great to use as a benchmark internally but also with other guilds in ranking. As the amount and difficulty of the trash increases with the Classic raids this would be needed througout the phases.

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I just made an account just to say the same exact request. Having a total damage option for both trash and boss encounters would be AMAZING. I love this site and will gladly continue to support it through patreon. If there was total damage tab it would be the perfect site! Please make this happen! Thanks!