"There are no ranks in this report for this boss." Advanced Combat Logging Enabled

I started to do some more runs outside of our guild’s mythic and heroic runs, therefore not relying on someone else to log for me. One big issue I’m having with my Personal Logs is that they are not updating the rankings and if I want to see how I’m doing server wide for MM Hunters, in this example for normal, I’m not able to do it with my Personal Logs.


Like the title says, I have Advanced Combat Logging enabled, I’m also a gold patron(if that affects it at all), and I can’t find any help on this matter since all the others have had ACL disabled.

Make sure your region to upload to is set correctly in the client uploader. For personal logs, you need to pick US/EU etc.

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Thank you! Sorry I never logged to Personal Logs, always to a guild(when I did), so this was really helpful. Sorry I couldn’t find it out on my own :x