Still having trouble updating my characters

I can’t update characters at all. i’ve tried unlinking my account and relinked it i don’t get a error message that tells me what could be wrong only "Unhandled Exception encountered. Please report this error. Thanks!"
I need to update my characters real soon! i am a patreon aswell and it annoys me that i donate to a service that doesn’t work for me at the moment. Thanks for the help in advance

What guilds do you belong to? Name of guild and server. I will need to go over them to see if any have been corrupted.

Main server is Tarren Mill

You should be good to link now.

Sweet problem resolved for all who were in the guild! Thanks

I got the Unhandled Exception encountered. Please report this error. Thanks! message and I dont know what to do… I was in Antorus raid and needed to do logs after I was done logging this error came up on site…please help… Terraforce - Chamber of Aspects