Some Damage Not Logged in Mythic Skitra

For those who aren’t familiar with the fight, one of the mechanics is the Twisted Mind and Clouded Mind debuffs, each of which is randomly applied at specific times to half the raid (so half the raid is afflicted with Twisted Mind, while the other half is afflicted with Clouded Mind). Based on which debuff you are affected with allows you to see and attack the Psyche Shredder, Prophet of Skitra illusions, and Image of Absolution adds in the fight.

Looking at logs from my guild’s kill last night, I’m noticing that damage from single target abilities against both the Psyche Shredder add and the Prophet of Skitra illusion add is not logged for people who had a different debuff than the person logging at the time of damage. I did not check if the same was true for the Image of Absolution adds, which aren’t really dpsed, but I imagine the same issue is present there too.

Here is a link to the log: Mythic Skitra
The person who logged the fight was the brewmaster tank, Mac

I’m also providing screenshots of a specific example that occurred during the first Prophet of Skitra illusion phase. This first image shows my casts, which were all correctly tracked:

The next image shows the damage logged according to warcraftlogs. It’s clear that it only tracked damage from my AOE abilities:

Lastly, here is an image tracking the Twisted Mind debuff on me and the person who was logging the fight. We had the same debuff for only ~16% of fight, right at the end, which explains why a lot of damage was missing from my character in particular (I don’t even show up as damaging the Psyche Shredder add once). Damage against the illusion add seemed to be correctly logged when we both had the same debuff, while it was missing entirely (outside of AOE) when we did not.

I’m guessing this is entirely an issue with the WoW combat event log, and there’s nothing that can be done about this other than to log the fight myself, I just thought it’d be good to make people aware of this issue. Thanks!

We’re having the same issue in HC - quite large variances in DPS on the Prophet of Skitra illusion. Logs we compared:

Log 1 (Rogue: Zamalek) Damage done to ID: 157620

Log 2 (Rogue: Papsnoek) Damage done to ID: 157620

Just makes for some disappointed people depending on who logs - not ideal!

It has been removed from All Stars and Statistics and is not factored into your overall performance average, since the logs for it are just broken