Shinryu invalid log

Shinryu EX log from the other night. We cleared on the last pull, so I uploaded the parse, but I’m getting this invalid log screen. Also, the encounter times are much shorter or much longer than expected (the fight is about 11 mins).

I’ve successfully uploaded parses for other fights accurately in the past, and haven’t changed any ACT settings since. What could be causing this? Is there more info I could provide?


Same I can’t seem to get it to parse get a valid parse for this fight, I have tried changing encounter time from 25 to 40 to 60 seconds neither have worked so far, not sure if that is the reason or not.

I’m also having this issue, is there any way to fix this after the fact?

Still having this issue for what it is worth. Encounter times up to even 90s do not seem to affect whether a log is invalid or not. Some times my logs upload fine others it is always invalid on shinryu.

70 seconds seems to be the sweet spot for me, but you have to manually end encounter after a wipe.

Some days the 90s timer works, but I haven’t tried 70s. I’m so used to manually ending logs with these long timers. Makes dungeon pulls meaningless when it’s a 10 minute encounter.