Reporting a exploited log

Character name - Blues
Server Kurinaxx (alliance) - Blues

This person started logging 40 minutes into the raid. This caused multiple people in that raid group to inflate their numbers. Here is the proof

Exhibit A (correct log):

Exhibit B (dirty inflated log):

Please look into this and delete this disgraceful violation of trust.

Not really understanding what you mean. The second one is uploaded to personal logs, so it doesn’t even get a complete raid ranking.

But it did. For example if you look at the person in 9th place (Dutchy). His HPS for complete raid is being reflected by this inflated log.

In the dirty log it shows his HPS as 315. Where as the real log shows the correct amount at 272 HPS

You can see this broken down by “all kills” on both logs.
Clean log:

Dirty log:

Edited to show correct links

That log has a full raid in it though. What makes you think it started 40 minutes late?

On the dirty log’s healing graph (all kills) you can see that the logs dont start recording until one hour in. And if I am misreading the data please enlighten me to figure out why these two logs are displaying completely different HPS. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I understand you guys do great work and it is by your choosing to answer these questions. I appreciate it.

Any word on this?

HPS can vary in logs due to range issues with logging on some of the fights. HPS being different on the same fight when uploaded by two different loggers in Classic is something that can happen.