Logs changing after days

Tbh im a little upset,

we are all hunting for that orange in our mythic logs and when you finally get it, i dont understand why it changes back after several days from 96% to 94% for example.

I mean i get it when its 1 day, cause logs are catching up, but after almost a weak i dont really understand and i have no acceptance for this kind of BS, sorry.

Get your shit together, or ignore uploads that are older than 2-4 days…


So first off, this is an unacceptable way of communicating with a developer. You should be ashamed of yourself.

That said, there are 8 possible numbers that can be viewed on the site, historical vs today, by ilvl vs all ilvls, and rankings vs parses.

Historical numbers only adjust a single time and are locked in after 24 hours. Any place where you’re viewing a comparison against current ranks, the number will obviously continue to update.

I can assure you that historical numbers lock in within 24 hours and will not continue to fall, but if you have a particular URL you wish to share where you think you saw a historical number fall, I can investigate.

I don’t ever rebuild history though, so it’s basically impossible for a number to keep falling after several days.

First of all, i want to apologize for the words i chose, i was kinda heated and you are right, its not the right way to adress this issue to a developer who is overall doing a great job.

Thank you for investigate in this chase, i gladly accept your offer.

The kills im reffering to where from our kills on the 7. of august on the first 3 bosses in mythic EP:


As example for my Toon Finsjr in this fights i was ranked 95% on sivara, 92% on radiance and 95% at behemoth.

I am 100% sure ich checked them up again at thursday night, 24 hours after the kill and they remained the same.

Then suddenly on friday the logs went down and was further confuses me is the fact, that there is even a difference if you look up the kills and compare them to my Toon starting page on behemoth for example:


Even though it went down 1% after more than 24 hours it stills says 94% on the kill log and 92% on my front page?

Thanks for helping me out on that topic, i just wanna understand the mechanics behind.

BR Fins

The damage done pane of reports is not rankings… Hover over the number to see a tooltip. It’s a comparison against all parses in the last two weeks. In terms of the numbers I talked about in the previous post, it’s “today”, “parses”, and shows both "all ilvls’ and “per ilvl”.

The ranks on your character page are historical and lock in, and that page actually shows you a ranking %, i.e., comparing you against everyone’s best. In terms of the numbers I talked about in the previous post, it’s “historical”, “rankings”, “all ilvls”.