Replay Feature Mana/Resource Bar

Is it possible to see the mana of a player when using the replay feature? Or resources in general? Or is that sort of information not lodged in the Combatlog unlike Health?

I could log it, but it might be somewhat misleading. Because it’s just a sampling of resources, I don’t see gains that come back over time very well (e.g., Energy).

What about Mana for healers? I included Resources at the end since I though they may be the same thing, But since you referenced Energy in your example it gave a light of hope for healers mana being a larger and slower regen than energy.

The concern is that it could be potentially misleading. It wouldn’t smoothly regen. You’d just see the old value until I recorded a new value.

And recording a new value per second or every two seconds would put a huge strain on the system I’m guessing.