Renamed character problem

I transferred a character and switched his name from another character I already had , but with a different class.

Now I see this weird thing ( ) where my Monk have Ranged Hunter Marksmanship specialization. The original Kreygasm character is now named Dps on the same server and under my account signed on warcraftlogs and I would love to have old logs deleted and specialization fixed to use it with my Monk.

You can delete everything on Kreygasm maybe and I can refresh the character to have a clean profile again.

let me now if you can do something about it and thanks for all the good work you do for the WoW’s Community!

p.s. the server is Well of eternity or in italian: Pozzo dell’'Eternità , hope my english isnt too bad :smiley:

edit: added link to the involved character

Is there a way to fix?

It’s not a bug. Looking up a character with a certain name/server will show you all parses obtained by a character with that name/server. If you went and made two characters have the same name/server, then their parses are going to mix like that.

So for example one could rank with class but switching to another character wouldnt mess the all star points?

Merging parses across renames is something I would like to support, but Blizzard did not give characters global identifiers. I have no way of telling that two characters are the same.

I’m still exploring possible ways to tell that two characters are identical, but without having collected achievement data for all characters, it’s pretty much impossible to tell.

There is no option to delete the old character logs or make them invisible?

No, you can’t delete logs other people uploaded. :slight_smile: