Remove "begins casting" from Casts -> Events view

I’m trying to compare the opening sequence from Warcraft Logs -> Casts (Events) with Simulationcraft’s Sample Sequence Table.
Problem is that Warcraft Logs Casts also shows “starts casting” and so the WL has a ton more lines there. I’ve tried to remove the “begins casting” lines but i can’t find a way. Not even with a filter.
Is there any way to filter those lines out? Am i missing something?
If i can remove the “begins casting” then i can simply put the 2 sequences (WL vs Simcraft) side by side and any differences become obvious at a glance.

Simulationcraft sequence (some columns removed)
0:04.229 demonbolt
0:05.143 demonbolt

Warcraft Logs sequence:
00:00:06.450 Name begins casting Demonbolt <— i don’t wand this line
00:00:06.450 Name casts Demonbolt on Krosus
00:00:07.371 Name begins casting Demonbolt <— i don’t wand this line
00:00:08.605 Name casts Demonbolt on Krosus

type = “cast”

If you mean a filter looking only at “cast” type of events then I have of course tried that.
And it does not work.

There’s no way to do it using queries. Just use expressions.

type = “cast”

Put it in the FIlter Expression field below the graph.

Thank you, it works.
I’ve also found the documentation for it.
Amazing stuff!