Question of Petrification

is that legal to use Flask of Petrification during ranking raid?
i have been told that using flask of petrification lead to invalid log.
such log will not be listed on speed ranking
is that true?

You can use it. There’s not much point to it though, unless you’re wanting to compete in the with trash skips section.

Dear Kihra, i asked question about Petrification 3 month earlier.
you told me such flask shouldn’t be use for trash skips section.
but this week many speedrun guilds are using Petrification for trash skips, such as trash before sartura, huhuran and ouro. they just simply let hunter’s pet get arrgo and stay stone in the corner, entire raid just skip by.
all those records are valid on the top of WCL speedrun list.
i wish to know is this a valid action for speedrun?
or WCL will make some change to ban such action?
thank you!