Potential Rank 1 G'huun heroic dps with no advanced logging

I just finished a heroic G’huun fight on my rogue, having enabled /combatlog for the first time since i raided in Legion, only to realize I hadn’t enabled advanced logs after the fight. I realize that it may not be as accurate as warcraftlogs, but according to my Details! addon, I supposedly did out damage any rogue on warcraftlogs if I’m not wrong. I have screenshots of the Details! addon to back up my claim, although I am not hopeful.
The numbers are:

Fight duration: 6:25 - 385s
Total damage: 6.86M - 17.8K dps
Boss damage: 5.11M - 13,272.2727 dps

I know this is a longshot, but is there any way I can send an admin or the likes could somehow tweak my non-advanced combat log for the sake of my personal e-peen fame?