Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


today’s my log site.

yesterday’s my log site.


see that pump, zeal character. two characters. check it please

and pump 's log is same problem. pleas correct this



Character: Lafonque

Realm: Zul’jin

Region: US

Issue: Somehow when searching myself, I see two characters and it does not update my number of kills. I am able to pull two different parse tables for the toon as well. Is there a way to get this compiled to be correct? I did email this same request to with images.




I named changed my dk a month or so ago, today I noticed that there is 2 of me (Druchi - Wildhammer) on warcraftlogs, with no rankings for any of my kills, and a 3rd version of me that doesn’t appear in search, only accessible via guild page, which I’m not in, still has old alliance guild from years ago. The 3rd version has my rankings. - My dk on wclogs. - Armory link

Thanks for any help.


Merge my character please.


When searching, the search is done with the old one.

Does this take a long time?


Please merge these, when I transferred for some reason they didn’t synch together.



I can’t see that my character is merged with another, but I do see two instances of my character, Eyedontheal on Sargeras. Neither of these is showing any logs.


Merge my character please.

Main: Azshara-조드바사삭

Alt: Azshara-조드바사삭아즈샤라/조드바사삭#difficulty=3

help bro,


Main: Anambang - Azshara(KR)

Renamed (alt?): 암흑사도대마법사 - Azshara(KR)


We have one i our guild that we cant look up cause his page is bugged. He has namechanged from Lajza to Lajzaa but the page stil says Lajza and is only lvl110 thou he is lvl20.

Hope some1 can help us out!



before transfer:

I need these merged, if possible, thank you.


Main :
former main :

pls help


As a reminder, this thread isn’t for just asking for characters to be merged. You can do that yourself (just uncheck the Social -> Display only character achievements to others, since that’s why your merges fail).

This thread is about bugged characters that have duplicated only. I’m not going to pay attention to any other posts.


My issue is that my original Mekka kill is registering, BUT the LOG that I had the kill for is NOT merging. Despite it being the same character, just post transfer. Which is why I would GREATLY like those to be merged.


Duplicates, fix it plz


hi, i transfer and change to horde my char but i cant merge or update my old logs on the new profile, in the config page of warcraftlogs its disable the character history

here my new profile:
here old profile:


Main -
Sometimes still showing up as a 110 druid after name change.

Parses from this log not showing on the sheet


After 8.1.5 when i name changed my main my logs wont register to it. Changed from Aineea to Phillim.
Logs from last night

Main profile

Would love some help with this



help me pls!!!