Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)


Hi, I’m having issue with this character:

It hasnt showed its logs correctly in the character screen all through Uldir, when searchign the toon it shows up twice in the list.


Issue resolved



hello, i server transfered and the logs from my newest raid are not showing up on my character:


logs in question:


Can’t be viewed or searched by name (
Used namechange on it

#362 Old new
They were merged for a while but now the first one is showing up again?


Main: Hakaii
Server: Area-52

it shows a double on this character and does not display logs for either of them.

The above link shows the right logs for my character


I’m getting this issue as well!, which is far from up to date, and


Isley Area-52


Character duplicated and no logs show up after 3 clears

Sorb - Frostmourne US

big thanks in advance


was a rename from Kr-Azshara 루키영
Old : Kr-Azshara 루키영
New : Kr-Azshara Airwolf

Please fix. Thank you


My logs are not showing on my character’s page… most likely since I have transferred (2 days ago)

My character:

Example of logs:

is there anything possible to do about this?


My friend has same problem. plz correct this.


sub :하이잘/우왕우왕


None of my characters are showing any logs, current or previous raid tiers. They still show in guild logs, but I can’t find anything by searching for any of my characters.
Rubiscø - Sargeras
Sudowoodø - Sargeras
Eyedontheal - Sargeras
Eyeshocku - Sargeras
Eyerevival - Sargeras


Misdemeanør on US-Proudmoore seems to have been merged with Felønie on US-Proudmoore. Please un-merge them. Links:


alt :

search “olwy”, two results but contain nothing on tier 23

please fix that.



after change my id, my log all delete(main is peylehlhy/아즈샤라)
main is

please fix TT


Main -дракономор/диссперсия

merged with



My character (Ansomx-Area52) has had duplicates after I server transfered:

I tried to delete one of the duplicate characters under my profile page, but now the duplicates just show up to the same character link:

Trying to get my Grong kill log added to my WCL page:


please merge that.

New(main) :아즈샤라/배고픈유학생

Old :헬스크림/배고픈유학생