Character profile view > list of fights percentile mismatch from fight specific view

So when I go to my specific character profile view, and look at all the runs of a particular fight, it shows a list of all my past runs that are currently uploaded. However, the performance percentile showed in the list of runs does not match up to the performance percentile shown when I look at the specific fight> damage done. Here’s a screenshot of a side by side. Notice that the run that lasted 9:22, I did 12,228.4, is shown to be two different percentiles. It is 95% when looking at the fight itself under damage done tab, however in my character profile view it thinks it is 90%. Is there something else I’m not understanding?

Different metrics. Rankings = everyone’s best scores over the entire tier, Parse % on the report is against all parses of your job in the last two weeks. The tooltip if you hover over the number in the report will explain it further.

Ah okay. Thank you for the clarification! So will the score for the tier change until the tier is over?