My logs on FFlogs have dissapeared

A friend recently had me join a guild on FFlogs and all my logs have seemed to have dissapeared. While this isn’t too much of an issue but I cant personally parse myself (I play on console) and was thinking of joining a static. Are the logs lost forever or is there any way I can retrieve them? Thanks for the help in advance!

Link to my charcter:

Please note I didnt lose too much just here mostly my titania runs. I had some old savage parses from SB but nothing to amazing and some eden ones. But they’re better than nothing.

If you check any character or any rankings right now you’ll notice everything is empty. My guess is there’s some sort of maintenance going on in the website in preparation for savage opening in 4 hours or so.

@priamos1 Oh my I didnt think of that, I feel like an idiot for not thinking of that.