Parse not updated on my character


My character’s parses have not been updated for 2 weeks, even if my guild mates are exporting logs, as you can see on this link :

I am pressing “update” button on my character’s page, but nothing happens, I still miss those parses. So what can we do about this?

Thanks for reading.

Your guild is logging without Advanced Combat Logging enabled. This is required in order to rank.

Network pane of System preferences in-game.

Thanks for your answer. But my guild mates enabled this option.

I see recent rankings on your character page, so you’;ll have to name a specific log if there’s one you don’t see ranking.

This is my personnal log and it does not appear on my character :

This is one does not appear too :

First one is Tomb of Sargeras, whose rankings have been frozen for ages.

Second one was logged without Advanced Combat Logging enabled.