Not listed in the Guild?

Hi Team of WCL

First of all thank you for the great work over the years, always a pleasure to use your awesome service!
I did face some kind of problem, my ranking are not shown in the guild bracket anymore:

-> Guild
-> Server

Is there a reason for this?

Kinds regards

Are you looking for these?

Note, there is a ‘patch version’ filter option at the right defaulting to 7.2+ :wink:

Hey there,

No thats the one i linked :).
I am not listed in the Guilde All-Star Rankings…^^ Thats my problem :wink:

Ah, its clear now.

You were not listed in a WCL-guild roster ( Possibly, there was an issue during last sync process (last synchronized at Sun 26 Mar 2017 01:56:04 PM UTC) or someone edited roster manually (if such action possible)

I’ve clicked ‘update’ link (I hope, no one kill me for this ^.^), so guild rankings now show you again.


Thank you very much!
Sorry for beeing unclear first :slight_smile: