Node.js(javascript) wrapper for the Warcraft Logs API

Im putting together a javascript node package wrapper for the Warcraft Logs if anyone is about start a project and wants a wrapper to interact with the API.

(the abbreviation WCL can be pronounced Weasel… I guess… thats where the module name comes from :P)

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Hopefully that isn’t a real key in the docs. I use those for tracking so best not to reveal a valid one.

Not at all, as the comment suggest you have to get your own throught the account settings on WCL :slight_smile:

//Set the public WCL api-key that you get from

Sweet. Now I can make a React frontend that isn’t laggy!

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Let me know what you need and I’ll implement it.

I went ahead and pushed the project to version 1 with a slight refactor and a simple documentation with JSDoc over at