No Average showing after upload

Hey guys,

I hope someone is able to help me. First of all, sorry for my bad english :).

I read a lot about logging, created my account on the page, downloaded that software and got an addon for logging automatically ingame.

This is shown in my profile under Warcraftlogs:

I went on like this:

  1. Started that Warcraftuploader software
  2. “Upload a Log”
  3. I was just able to choose “Zukker-Personal Logs”.
  4. “Public”
  5. “Go”

After it finished uploading that log, i was allowed to see every log from a fight I uploaded. Now I have that problem, that I can see the number of kills from each encounter and if I click on one, it shows me my average points, but they are not showing on the first page, where I can see my complete ranking.

Here is a picture how it looks like after uploading a log:

This is shown on the settings page:

I created a new, not existing guild just to test if it will work afterwards, because i thought that my logs are just shown as private because I had only this profile “Zukker-Personal Logs”. Bit nothing changed amd it looks like on the picture below.

I hope someone could help me with that problem.
I have read now, that I should activate advanced logging in the settings in-game. If that is the problem for not seeing my average points on my charakter page, will I be able to use somehow that existing logs or can I delete them and have to get new ones with advanced logging?

Thanks a lot, Ludilo