Deltascape / Omega Raid

Hi there,

What do you need from the users for you to be able to add the new raid content as rankable/recognisable logs?


Pinging @Kihra

On vacation until July 21. Nothing happening until I return.

Okay, enjoy your holiday! See you when you return. @Kihra

Appreciate the work Kihra, hope you got some well earned rest on your vacation!

Any news on the new raids?

Any chance of getting an ETA of when we can post OMEGA Savage numbers? I know it’s only been 2 days since the 21st, but I’m really anxious but a ETA would suffice my thirst lol THanks in advanced!

I have to do the character re-architecture first, since as Susano/Lakshmi demonstrated, too many logs will be assigned to the wrong characters if I don’t.