New job logs is not reflected

Recently, New job(GUN) logs i upload does not show up on my profile anymore.
Other People’s uploads still show, just mine dont.
Of course,i’ve set it to the correct region and set to public.
I guess that, If there are 16 or more 70+ level jobs,new job logs may not be reflected.

【Not reflected】※ There are 16 70+ level jobs
[sample log]
[my char1]

【Correctly reflected】※ There are 12 70+ level jobs
[sample log]
[my char2]

Any way to fix this?

I can do it. (´・ω・`)b
I once exported the character, i imported it again.
And click “update” on my profile.
Then GUN was displayed.
I’m sorry for confusing you,and It would be helpful for those who are troubled !