Need help associating log to correct guild


I wanted to see if there was anything you could do for this.

I am not associated with my guild (or the correct form of it at least), and in turn I can’t associate my logs to them. My profile lists my guild incorrectly as “Guaranteed to Bleed Buggy Duplicate on Thrall” (correct guild name is Guaranteed to Bleed).

There are reports associated with Guaranteed to Bleed Buggy Duplicate (so at least two members can upload.) There are also older reports associated with another incorrect version of the guild (Guaranteed to Bleed Buggy Lowercase Duplicate.)

I was just hoping this is something that could be cleared up simply, if possible.
Ideally I would like to be able to upload my logs and associate them to the guild
And have the old logs associated to the same guild (without the Buggy Duplicate part.)

or with the Buggy Duplicate part, if that cant be fixed.


My profile

Guild Buggy Duplicate (one in current use)

Guild Buggy Lowercase Duplicate (old data)

Thank you,