Mythic+ Dungeons Rankings Discussion

I wanted to talk about my current thinking regarding Mythic+ dungeons and how rankings for them will work and see if this makes sense to people.

(1) Rankings will be partitioned by keystone level. This means you can have a best score for speed, execution, DPS, HPS, etc. at each keystone level.

(2) All Stars will span all keystone levels. The score will be computed just like any other ranks, but (keystone level - 1) * 120 points will be added to your score. This means keystone level 1 can earn 0-120 points, and then keystone level 2 is in the range of 120-240 points, keystone level 3 is 240-360 points, etc.

(3) Affixes are not going to be taken into account other than being able to filter on them (and you’ll see that info on the rankings pages too). I know certain affix combos are going to be easier and result in a better score, but there’s not a whole lot I can do about that. I can’t rank every combination of affixes as that set just gets way too large really quickly.

(4) Statistics will be collected for each keystone level individually. This means you can see what specs perform best on easier levels and what specs do well at high levels.

(5) The brackets for Mythic+ dungeons will be by patch just like Challenge Modes.

Some updates to this. I decided to make the brackets for Mythic Keystone dungeons be the Affix combo rather than major patch versions.

So to sum up:
(1) You’ll be able to view ranks for a dungeon by Keystone Level. You can earn rankings at each level of a dungeon.
(2) Brackets will be affix combos, meaning you can earn a best-in-bracket score for each keystone level * affix combo.
(3) All Stars will work just like raid scoring, with the addition of a keystone level multiplier that is level * 100. This ensures that a higher keystone level always beats a lower keystone level.

Now the one thing I really couldn’t prevent is someone smashing a low keystone level Mythic in super-high-ilvl gear, thus making people just entering Mythic Keystone dungeons feel bad about their ranks. There is not much I can do about this. I decided it’s more important to be able to filter on affix combo than on item level, and I really couldn’t do both, since it’s just too huge a set of combinations if I bring item level into the mix.