Mythic Keystone Character Rankings Missing Logs


Many of my live logs aren’t showing up in my character rankings for my Mythic Keystone runs.

Here’s my character rankings page,

Here’s some rankings I’ve live logged that don’t show up on this page,

This one doesn’t even know it’s Arcway, it’s possible I started logging too late,

Here’s one from yesterday that is showing up

Another issue I have is I can’t delve into a log from the character rankings page. Clicking on a keystone ranking brings up a list of all the rankings for that specific dungeon. If I try to click a specific log within that list, it looks like it links to the current page and does nothing.

Hey there im no expert at all but maybe this will help:

Your first log:
This log is a failed run, mythic+ dungeon that you didnt finish within the timer dont show on rankings!

Your Second llog:
This log is actually showing up on your character page! maybe it just needed to load a bit :slight_smile: server stress.

Your Second llog:
Same for this log, sometimes the server takes a while to “RANK” a log. Its displayed on your page now.

Now heres where it gets interesting.
That arcway log you linked, my logs are doing the exact same thing. Its not detecting it as a Mythic+ run.
I have no clue why it is doing that : S im hoping to find that out too.

That “log from yesterday” is showing up just fine.

and the issue with not being able to go into a log from your Character rankings page.
I have the same, i dont think its possible.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

You’re right, it looks like some of them are showing up now. Looks like it all works for the most part.

On finishing in time, I’ve got an hour and seven minutes Halls of Valor run that is showing up in my character rankings. Which leads me to believe that you don’t have to finish on time to have it show up in your rankings.

I wonder if it matters if I start logging before the instance, or when we first get inside? Maybe the log has to see the instance reset when the keystone gets activated?

Oh thats strange… i thought only “Within timer logs” would show up on the page…

Btw the author of warcraft logs has replied to one of my posts why the “log didnt even know it was arcway” caused.
Its because of Exsorsus Raid tools. I use it to automaticly start recording in dungeons/raids, but appaearntly ERT is buggy for recording logs for mythic+ now. (You can still use it for normal mythic and raids. )

There is a bug with exporting of ranks for Mythic+. Sometimes they’re just failing to export. I’m not sure why, since every time I re-export they work.