Lost Control of Free Company Logs

I name changed, and after waiting a few days, the name changed is reflected in logs.

Once the name changed in logs it seems I no longer have the ability to manage the Free Company Logs. In the past I was the only person who managed the Logs. Is this normal behavior? In a few days will I gain access to upload Free Company logs again?

I am no longer the guild master and am the only person in the FC that uploads logs. Until the name change me not being the guild master did not affect my ability to upload logs to the free company.

Link to Character: https://www.fflogs.com/character/id/29951
Link to Free Company: https://www.fflogs.com/guilds/92

I do not see this character:


in the Free Company’s roster. That’s why you’ve lost access.

Interesting, last night the character you linked was being reported as the name “George Bush” which is the name I have changed it to. If you click the character you linked and look at recent logs of the character you will see the updated name.

Over the past couple of days I have noticed sometimes it shows the updated name “George Bush” and other days like today it is showing “Sir Trolond”… the old name.


If you search for “George Bush” my new character name will pop up with the same data as the character in the link:


If you search by my old name “Sir Trolond” no character will pop up.

If you search for “George Bush” the same data listed as character id # 29951 (showing old name Sir Trolond) will be shown.

Link to new name showing the same log data with a different name and with a character that is in the Free Company: https://www.fflogs.com/character/na/faerie/george%20bush

I have updated Free Company Roster and the new update button for my player profile.

Right now character claiming doesn’t handle renames or server moves, i.e., you have to reclaim the character. This is on my list of things to improve (to migrate information to the new character from the old), but for now you have to reclaim it on the Lodestone.

If you tend to rename a fair bit, consider changing your Free Company’s roster management from Automatic to Manual.

Thank you,

As far as you are aware will I run into any issues changing the Free Company to roster management to Automatic? I am no longer the Free Company Leader. I did create the Free Company on FFLogs when I was the leader a couple of years ago.

Automatic is fine, but requires you to reclaim your character every time you rename. :slightly_smiling_face: