Logs with too many abilities and are too long

This log appears to have Crispin Engi using twelve abilities in a game where you can only have 8 at any given time.
Mortar Strike, Target Acquisition, [Barrage+Rocket], Bio Shell, Quick Burst, [Crush+Blitz], Zap, and Energy Auger are legitimate DPS abilities, though combined with the presence of a Volatile Injection buff sourced from him indicates nine abilities. The log also shows him using the tank abilities Particle Ejector, Unsteady Miasma, Ricochet, and Hyper Wave, plus the utility ability Portable Black Hole. That adds up to 14 abilities slotted into 8 ability slots.

https://www.wildstarlogs.com/reports/DjqxYnhbagtQJKkT#fight=7&type=damage-done&source=6 Shows a similar ability spread, more than 8 abilities drawn from both tank and DPS builds.

Both logs are impossibly long, due to a soft enrage any guild would wipe for occuring long before the 16:42 or 13:52 marks (the durations of those logs).