Logs Showing Wrong Spec (Bear Instead of Moonkin) for Anetheron Fight (TBC)

I play a balance druid. I have completed 14/14 BT/Hyjal with my guild. Warcraft logs are showing my character as on 13/14. The missing fight is Anetheron. I have killed him twice so far, but every time for that boss, and only that boss, it shows me as bear instead of moonkin. Here are the 2 logs for completed kills - Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft and Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft My character’s name is Rhiya.

Is there anyway to fix this? Will this happen every time I kill Anetheron? Please please please help.

Hey there,

Your Anetheron log is missing COMBATANT_INFO, which is usually sent at encounter start by Blizzard. This has talent point info etc which we use to determine your spec. When this is missing, we have a couple of other workarounds to identify specs, which I believe is currently Force of Nature for Balance.

We were unable to automatically detect your spec with this, but I have filed an issue to improve on our Balance detection by including Moonkin aura/form. Once this is fixed, you’ll be able to re-export the log and it’ll be able to determine your spec.

Thank you so so much. Look forward to the update. I don’t use force of nature because I put the extra point in subtlety.