Logs aren't updating character ranking

Hi there

I went to a BFD pug and logged correctly as far as I am aware but rankings haven’t been updated on my toon’s overall, Allannis the Feral druid that is. Allannis - Wild Growth - Warcraft Logs

I looked into some other forum posts that had a similar issue, I have advanced combat logging enabled and it might be that there was some guild stealth log thing? But it was a full pug, maybe 2 people in the same guild but nothing more. Would appreciate anyone clarifying this!

Here is the log

Hi there, this was uploaded to Wrath instead of Vanilla. I moved it for you. Make sure to pick the correct game in the uploader.

Uhh wow, I wish I could blame something other than me being a dumbass haha. I appreciate you helping me out :sweat_smile: