Logs are for wrong spec - dps v tank warlock SoD Gnomer

I just finished a Gnomer run, but for some of the fights i show as a dps warlock and not a tank.

I was a demonology meta lock for the whole run, just want it to more easily compare to other tanks.


forgot to link log

keeps happening


Hi there, you can find the requirements for spec detection in Gnomeregan in this article: Season of Discovery Spec Detection and Rules | Archon (WoW - Dragonflight)

Default Requirement

  • Intention to Tank: You must spend at least 10s in your threat stance, or use specific tank runes (See below).

I’m in Metamorphosis the entirety of each of these fights, shouldn’t that be the only requirement to make my logs recognize me as a Meta Lock?

  • Actually Tanking: You must take the most basic attacks from bosses (melee attacks, or spam spells like Aquanis’ Frostbolts), or at least 70% of the most anyone takes. You must take a minimum of 5 for it to count.

I’m not always the main tank, and on top of that I have a lot of mitigation because I’m specced into Demonology.

I just want to compare my long term numbers to all the other meta locks running destruction to see how close I can get while remaining as tanky as possible, but this weird damage req just doesn’t reflect what role I’m fulfilling in raid.

Edit: to clarify, I understand the generalized conditions are setup to prevent other classes from pumping their parses as a “tank” when really they’re just a DPS with stance on, but I don’t think that those conditions are necessary or even serve a purpose for Metamorphosis Warlock and sort of miss the point.

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