Log not updating on site


I uploaded a log to warcraftlogs.com and for some reason it will not show if I search on the site using my name.

I can only access the log via the link, basically it acts as if it was Private which it is not.

I assumed that the whole site is not updating properly, but in one of the kills I was in another person uploaded a log and it is showing by search.

And its not a settings issue, because I was logging my guilds run earlier in the night and its all showing properly.

Welcome to the first week of a new tier! Rankings are processed by a job server (with a bunch of parallel jobs all working at once), and it can get backlogged when new tiers come out and a zillion people are raiding. It will go through eventually.

The rankings page of your report tells you that it hasn’t been processed yet, so you can reload that to tell if it’s done it yet.