Keyboard Shortcuts for Replay

The play/pause button is way off to the side, so if you’re mousing over something in the playback and want to pause, you have to actually go look for the button before you can pause replay playback.

Having spacebar do pause/play would easily solve this, and adding left and right arrow keys to go backwards or forwards in time by 5 seconds would make the replay very useful.

Other possibilties:

  • F for fullscreen, esc to exit fullscreen
  • 1 through 0 to skip to 10%, 20%, etc…
  • +/- for speed control
  • [, ] to cycle through damage meters, damage taken, etc…
  • q, w, e, r or similar to toggle players, pets, bosses, NPCs
  • y, u, i, o, p or similar to toggle effects