Replay function issues

Me and my whole guild are having issues lately regarding the replay function.
We are currently reclearing Mythic Carapace and we seem to be unable to watch past the 2nd phase of the encounter.
At the beginning of P3 the replay just freezes and pauses itself, and even if we try to skip a couple of minutes forward or go back and try again, it just doesn’t continue past that freezing point.
We’ve tried several browsers but the issue persists.
Also, I’ve watched at other guilds public logs from the same encounter and I’ve stumbled upon the same issue on some cases but others seem to work just fine.
We fully reinstalled WoW and Warcraftlogs uploader with the latest version in case that had something to do with it, but to no avail.
I don’t know if it’s a known bug with this encounter and there’s nothing we can do or if it’s just something we are doing wrong. Anyway, im willing to provide any snaps, information, logs, whatever necessary to solve it.

Can you provide a link? Thanks.

Here are some logs with this issue:

Thanks, this looks like a regression from the map overhaul I just did to support Shadowlands Mythic+ multi-map replay. Will investigate. Thanks for the bug report.

This issue has been fixed.