Issue making logs public/gaining control over guild


Relapse on Earthfury logged our raid in Classic WoW last night and I cannot figure out how to make it so the logs are measured against the rest of the server/all other guilds logging. The guild created itself on the website so I don’t know what code I am supposed to input. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I could be given control over the guild, I think I may be able to solve these issues.


Guilds don’t create themselves. Users have to make them. :slight_smile:

At any rate, I’ll just delete the guild, since you’re not sure which of your guildmates created it, and you can re-create it yourself.

Great, thanks so much

Is it possible for me to take this log and apply it to the newly created guild? The export option? Sorry for the 50 questions, I did not run the logs in retail WoW.


Yes, go to the report. Click the pencil icon at the top. Change it to your guild.