Is there an API endpoint for "Timelines" section of the report?

On any report, you can go to the “Timelines” tab to see for example how much damage your individual Chaos Bolts did at any given point in the fight.

Is there a way to access this data readily through the API?

If not, how does the website actually generate the timeline? The only way I could see somebody re-create the timeline is to manually query the damage-done table while limiting the startTime/endTime to exactly when the spell was cast, but this feels like such a daunting task for every cast of every spell. That’s why I was hoping there was a better way of doing this. Do you see any way I could access/make the timeline?

You can just use the “events” api for this.

That works perfectly for most of the spells, thank you.

With the “events” API, is there any way to calculate how much damage a single cast of “Rain of Fire” has dealt? The issue with spells like Rain of Fire is that they can be stacked, and for example if there are 3 active Rains of Fire at the same time, there is no way to tell the “damage done” events retrieved by the API. are associated with which instance of Rain of Fire. Do you see any way this could be achieved?