Is there a way to get the Best Perf. Avg with API?

I’ve been making a bot that shows the recruits’ “Best Perf. Avg” based on their wow armory link, but unfortunately I could only find the percantages to each boss seperately, and they are kinda messed up aswell, because those percentages don’t match up with the real logs.

Is there any method to only get the Best Perf. Avg with API?

v2 has it yes.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve been trying to do my v2 client with insomnia, but after I got my Refresh token and Access Token I’m kinda lost. How should I continue?

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I see this was 22 days ago. Are we just doing something dumb? I can’t find any documentation and I was expecting a list of api urls in the response given that documentation for v2 seems to be completely missing.

Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!

The documentation is viewable inside Insomnia. It fetches the schema with the full documentation.